In 2012, Wildfire joined Google with the aim of helping businesses improve their digital marketing across all channels, including social marketing. Together, our goal has been to help marketers bring together insights from their social campaigns alongside insights from the rest of their digital marketing. Last June, we took an important first step towards this goal by starting to build Wildfire technology right into our ad technology platforms

To help accelerate this, we’ve decided to dedicate our resources to this integration. The Wildfire Social Marketing Suite, which helps businesses manage their posts and content on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, will continue to be supported, but further investments will be limited: we won’t be building new features or signing up new customers. Our focus will be on integrating Wildfire's technology with our ad technology platform and building new features that enable marketers to use social insights to improve their marketing campaigns.

With this increased focus, we think we can better help marketers get the most from their digital campaigns. Our teams are looking forward to working with our customers to make that happen.

-- Victoria Ransom, Product Management Director