New ads technology integrated into a complete social platformWildfire, along with our friends at Adaptly, announced today that we are integrating Adaptly's unique social advertising optimization technology into the Wildfire Social Marketing Suite.  The combination gives marketers, for the first time, a single place to manage paid, earned, and owned media.

Not your average ads solution
Unlike first-generation ad management solutions – which optimize only for traditional metrics like cost-per-click, fans, or impressions – Wildfire's solution integrates Adaptly's technology, which optimizes for maximum social engagement too (i.e. the number of people talking about your brand in some way). Adaptly's proprietary technology aggregates more than 160 social metrics from a brand's owned channels (like their Facebook page) and earned channels (like their fans’ likes, shares and comments that reach their fans’ friends). Then it analyzes the impact of ads on earned media in real time, and continuously refines ads to reach those fans that are truly interested in interacting with the brand. This drives ongoing engagement – the objective marketers care most about today – at the lowest cost. Our own beta test clients saw an average 49% cost-per-fan reduction.

In other words, where traditional social ad solutions require human intervention— A/B testing, constant monitoring, pausing poorly performing ads and rejigging to make them better— our sophisticated ad optimization algorithm now corrects campaigns in real-time, pulling the duds offline and allocating spend to the high performers...all faster than the fastest human could make it happen.

Yes, social ad management is available on other social marketing platforms, but self-optimizing technology is unavailable from any other vendor. Wildfire is the first social marketing platform to bring this integrated social ad solution to market. This is the future of social advertising, and Wildfire is offering it now.

Not just Facebook

By the way, Facebook is not the only social network that offers big marketing opportunities, and neither should it be your only consideration for ad campaigns. Adaptly is social network agnostic, so you can run your powerfully engaging ad campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn too.

Wildfire is incredibly excited about this unique partnership, and we look forward to offering it to our clients. For additional information, including Wildfire CEO Victoria Ransom’s remarks about this big announcement, check out our press release here.