Here’s a trend that should give you a bit of holiday cheer: the average holiday shopper plans to do 36% of their shopping—up from 32.7% last year— online this year. If you get your holiday themed social marketing campaigns right, you could see that sales increase hit your bottom line. Try these 5 holiday marketing strategies to give your season’s sales a boost:

1. Dedicate page real estate to the holidays and your products.

Create a seasonal activity hub on your Facebook page for visitors and fans. Whether you make a new tab with rotating seasonal content (like our Wildfire Page Manager Paypal Storefront template featuring adorable dinosaur sweaters by the Sisters Oberth), or you create an entire mini-website within a tab (like Denizen America), showcase special holiday products that make your fans feel festive.

Combine continuously updating products, special offers, messages, or the ability to shop for seasonal products (see below), and you’ll give your fans the message that your page is a fun place to hang out, and buy, this season!

2. Build buzz with a well-timed reveal of sales or special products.

Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) is the biggest shopping day of the year. In fact, ShopperTrak reported that $10.69 billion was spent on Black Friday 2010, with 212 million shoppers visiting their favorite retailers offline and online! Additionally, Cyber Monday 2010 saw $1.028 billion of online sales from 9 million shoppers.

Consumers are primed to expect sales and juicy discounts as merchants try to drive them into a pre-Christmas buying frenzy. Take advantage of this expectation by creating a specially themed Black Friday or Cyber Monday coupon, product offering, group deal or sale, that reveals in connection with the holidays or when your page reaches a certain fan threshold.

In the example below, a Wildfire Social Marketing Suite Page Manager template is configured to do a Black Friday Countdown. It can be customized to any brand’s design or formatting guidelines.

3. Run a holiday-themed promotion that incorporates your product.

Based on numerous research reports, it’s clear that Facebook fans get especially excited about fun, holiday-themed promotions. In fact, In 2010, 21% of Cyber Monday shoppers heard about a promotion through someone in their online social network. Also, Media Post states that, in 2010, social media and mobile capabilities were the key drivers of Black Friday sales with consumers using mobile devices for product reviews, promotions, price checks and to check-in while shopping at various stores.

The holiday season is the time to put your product front-and-center with a promotion. When crafting your promotion, consider including your product in the entry process (such as asking the user to take a picture of himself with a branded item), or as part of the prize. For example, both Silk and Luster Premium Whitening included a supply of their product as part of the ultimate prize, aligning the interest of the entrants with these products specifically.

4. Reinforce your product’s holiday uses through specific and targeted messaging.

When messaging your audience, see if you can address a holiday theme as well as advertise your product in the same message. When you fit these two pieces together, your messages ride the existing wave of holiday cheer and get extra attention.  In the examples below, HP consistently posts updates to Facebook fans that feature HP products, but with an appealing holiday slant (an incentive to “like” the post for a special deal). One way to automate the messaging process in advance of the holiday season is to plan out a posting schedule, like for an editorial calendar, and schedule your messages to go live using a page posting tool like Wildfire Messenger. This way, once you plan the messages, you can sit back and watch them publish themselves!

Now you have four strategies you can use this holiday season to promote your products: dedicating page real estate to the holidays, running holiday promotions, timing special sales events, and targeting holiday-themed messaging. Want more holiday-themed strategies, tips, success stories, and advice? Join us for our November 15th webinar, “Perfecting your Holiday Social Media Strategy!” Register here for the recording.

Do you have additional ideas about how to promote your brand during the holiday season? Share them with us in the comments below, so we can learn from you, too!