Almost exactly one year ago, we excitedly announced our move into a real "cool kid" office, complete with an elevator and real conference rooms! When our then 40 person team walked into the space at 167 Hamilton Avenue (in Palo Alto, CA) everyone's mouths dropped and nobody thought we'd ever fill it. Ever.

One short year later, there are 120 of us, and our weekly all-hands team meeting is an exercise in spatial reasoning. It's time to move! We're so excited to announce that come Monday, June 20th, the official Wildfire HQ will be at 1600 Seaport Blvd, in Redwood City, CA! Coincidentally, our move lines right up with Facebook's relocation to Menlo Park from their former headquarters on California Avenue in Palo Alto, so while we're neighbors now, we'll be even closer after the move!

In addition to being in good company, we're amped about our new digs— our new home has a world-class 38K square foot gym, a rock climbing wall, an Olympic size pool, and 2 baseball diamonds! This is, *of course*, in addition to the on-site cafeteria, spa, indoor and outdoor volleyball, and NBA regulation basketball court. Needless to say, our team is abuzz with excitement.

So, if you're on the market for a job with benefits (the professional version of a friend with benefits) where you can play basketball, have swimming contests, work up a sweat in the gym, and climb walls, Wildfire is it. Naturally, if you're also looking for an exciting career in a fast-moving (and obviously aggressively growing) social media tech company where you'll be challenged and exhilarated daily, that's a plus too! Check out open positions here.

If you find yourself in the Redwood City/Shores area, give us a shout! We love visitors! Holler at or on our Facebook page!