If there's one thing that our most successful clients (i.e. those who have the greatest number of engaged fans and followers) have in common it's this: they consistently provide their audience with great reasons to engage. We've previously written about the power of running weekly or monthly promotions (e.g. weekly coupons or monthly giveaways), but another powerful way to consistently engage your audience is to center promotions around holidays (e.g. Valentines, Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Hanukkah etc).

With many countries about to celebrate their National Holiday over the next couple of months (4th of July, French Independence Day, Swiss National Day etc) we thought we'd provide you with some creative ideas for 'National Holiday'-themed promotions.

IDEA #1: Encourage word of mouth spread by offering The Ultimate Holiday Party

Run a sweepstakes to give away the 'ultimate National Holiday party' - food, drinks, and bbq included. But to make it more 'social' and to encourage word-of-mouth spread, use our 'group prize' functionality and ask entrants to name the '5 people' they'd invite to the party if they were to win.

IDEA #2: Drive daily engagement with a 'count down' sweepstakes

Encourage regular engagement leading up to the holiday by running a 'count down' sweepstakes (e.g. 'Count down to 4th July' or '30 days 'til Bastille Day'). For each day of the 'count down' award a daily prize like a gift card and then award one grand prize at the end of the promotion.

IDEA #3: Combine Holiday-Themed Virtual Gifts with Charitable Giving

Create a virtual gift campaign to enable friends to send each other free Holiday-themed virtual gifts (e.g. American flags, fireworks & party hats to celebrate 4th July). Combine this with an opportunity to ‘give back’ by offering to donate $1 to a charity of your choice for every gift sent.

IDEA #4: Encourage sharing by running a Holiday-themed Contest

Create a Holiday-themed contest where users submit their best fireworks photos, favorite 4th July recipes or pledges for what they plan to do to make their country better. Contests can be highly viral because each entrant will reach out to their friends and family to vote for their entry.

IDEA #5: Celebrate the Holiday by giving away ‘Mystery’ coupons

Many stores will offer coupons and deals to celebrate the 4th July or other National Holidays so why not use Wildfire Campaign Builder to provide a coupon on your fan page or website. To add more fun to your promotion, use our unique code upload functionality to offer a ‘mystery’ coupon, like the game retailer Hautelook created with Wildfire.