We are excited to introduce a new, engaging promotion format: quizzes. No doubt you have seen quizzes showing up in your Facebook newsfeed; they can be highly engaging and viral because they allow for self-expression. While many of the quizzes that show up in the newsfeeds are trivial, when done right they can be both highly viral and highly relevant to brands. For example, if you're a travel company you could run a quiz that tells users what kind of traveler they are and then present users with some suitable trip suggestions. If you're a clothing retailer, a 'what's your style?' quiz would be a fun way to spread the word about your company and present users with targeted clothing suggestions. Our quiz format is easy to use and enables you to create fully customized quizzes, upload custom graphics, custom newsfeeds, product information and more. We also enable you to combine quizzes with sweepstakes or coupons, which is a powerful way to create campaigns that are both highly viral (quizzes are a great way to encourage consumers to publish newsfeeds) and generate leads (via sweepstakes) or sales (via coupons). For example, you could run a quiz 'what kind of bride are you?" and then direct people for the chance to win a dream honeymoon and/or a discount voucher for 20% off wedding invitations.